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Jan 27, 2013 4:30am PST
's is second bakery business. her first company kathleen's bake shop was an institution in tony south hampton, new york for 18 years until she made a bad business decision to form a partnership with a former employee and his brother. that mistake cost sue herrera name, her brand, and her first thriving bakery business. >> they destroyed everything i ever had from cat liens bake shop. everything. >> baking since she was a child, kathleen started selling cookies at her family's roadside farm stand. >> i grew up here on south hampton and started baking cookies when i was 11 years old. my dad told me i was old enough to buy my own clothes and bake my own cookies and sell them at the farm stand. we didn't come from money so anything you wanted you had to buy or save for. >> kathleen's bake shop was a success from the start with a slew of celebrity regular, great press and a wholesale business that was growing steadily in the new york met introduce poll tan area. she bought a building in south hampton. worked crazy hours baking and taking care of all the finances, marketing and everything else in h
Jan 27, 2013 11:00am EST
post's" kathleen parker. nbc's kelly o'donnell and the "national journal," chris frates. first up, hillary clinton gave as good as she got when peppered by challenging questions on benghazi this week. the reviews were she showed the graph tass and confidence, confidence a potential presidential candidate could. not hard to see the outlines. democrats outdid each other in ladding secretary clinton's remarkable four years but republicans seemed eager to rough up the woman some clearly want to keep out of the white house. and this was the exchange. that drew the most attention. between senator clinton, secretary clinton now and senator ron johnson of wisconsin. >> we were misled that there was supposedly protests and something sprang out of that and assaults sprang out of that. >> we had four dead americans because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they would kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? chris: remarkably calm and i would say charming performance by the secretary. but there were moments like that where the
Jan 9, 2013 4:00pm EST
with you. edso: you seem to be gettin' the hang of it now, kathleen. so, i tell ya what why don't we just pull over. nice spot, isn't it? it's not bad, yeah. choose it for the view? i was young once myself. you've a bit of a shine for her haven't ya? nah, no way. she'd be a lucky girl to have ya. think so? she doesn't want me, kathleen. at least... the thing is i never know where i am with her. she doesn't fall for the usual... you know. she's a challenge, edso. you're good at those. oh, yeah. what's next? five-point turn, did you say? we'll have a go, kathleen we'll have a go. so was he a racehorse then? well, more a cart horse, really. belongs to a friend, i'm lookin' after her. whoa. good boy. good boy. here we go. well, he's beautiful. need a lift home? ah, no. i'm cool. here! i'll take him. okay. see you tomorrow. see you tomorrow. your turning the place into a circus, paul. it's not what we had in mind when we agreed to the fishing. didn't i tell ya what he'd be like? would you listen to him? who began all this? "me bag of fishes disappeared." it's you maki
Jan 3, 2013 11:00am PST
of people that are very unhappy with her. kathleen miller says that her claim to fame is that she actually shot judge judy. what? [chuckles] first of all, hi. >> hi. >> welcome to the show. what do you mean you shot judge judy? >> well, it happened when i had a couple come into my photo studio--what i thought was just your average jewish grandparents asking me to photograph their family at thanksgiving. >> okay. >> and they sent me directions, and then about 15 minutes before i left, the name sounded familiar and it was judge judy and her husband, who is also a tv judge. >> were you nervous? >> i was so nervous. judge judy is someone you do not want to get a customer service complaint from. [laughter] >> kathleen, i know that you are
Jan 2, 2013 5:00pm EST
... a few mmnutes of chaos... s... the crowwed oofice building... iss evacuated..../ kathleen cairns ... joins s... with more... on what happened... aa thh... '5-50'... buildingg.. on broadwayy./.. kathleen : & everyone lookkng out their window in eest baltimore coull in an air unit on thh roof out quiccly... but the put - heavy smoke cause a few minuues of error... firefighters surrounded the 'five fiffy' building on office workers.. and tooattack the fire. ell phone'' helpee apture photos of the thick blackksmoke as it poured off the rooffop. hundreds hour.... s the smoke cleared.... (girl close)"it was retty alarming.. at irst we werent quite sure how serrius it was but we saw alot of thick blacc smoke soowe decided to the fire alarm went off and everyyne started evacuatiin... the fire was contained to the air unit on top of the building... nn one waa hurt. kc fox 45 news at five. how are thh roads looking tonig? tonight?carrie peirce has our traffic edge report. report. mapmapmapmdot- 95 north of 195mdot- 695 greenspring 3 a new
Jan 10, 2013 5:00pm EST
in the demand for the vaccine... kathleen cairns has more... on how the baltimore reggon is coping.... &pkathleen. 3&p thissstrain offthe flu is strongg. the virus an llnger on meeal... and lastic... for up tooeight hours... that means the door knob you - touch.... couud be your ticket to a health disaater. the best advice... keep washing &pyour hands.. andget he flu -3 shot.. 3 -3 3 pon north carolinn st. ... 3 &p3 the flu either... they wont &p 3& the cdc is calling this the decade.... more then half the - ptate's report widespread outbreaks. everyoneeis urged to get the vvccine. kc oxx45 news at five. 3&pa company based out oo reno, nevada comes up ith a way to screen for breast cancer that it says is non-invasive... and extremely accurate. accurate.this bra... developed -3 byyffrst warning systems... reporteddy detects temperature changes in the breast... that can be a predictor of cancer. 3 inno the ffbric. 3 benardis says: "ww ask women to wear this bra for 12 hours oncc a year starting at age p8 aa part of their annual healthcare scrrening. th
Jan 16, 2013 5:30pm EST
were assiggnd to protect him. -& kathleen cairns has more on phe slow proggess... in 3 3 (kc lead) "more then 100 john leopold was ii the courtroom watching the process and taking extensiie notes." &pfromm he start, john leopold has maintained his innocence:: (leopold) "i think its my 3of this countt tooknow therr's another side to this story and p waat them to hear it."he is facing misconduct chargge & policeeofficers for personal gain....the indictment accuses &pleopold of ordering his security teammto drive him to &pparking lots whereehe engaaed in a sexual rendezvous with a county employee.(9-1-1 ttpe) in a car ann iidon't think its 3 responded to this incident at the annapollssmall, leopold was alone in he car and no chaages were filed..leopood also is accused of using on-duty officers to distribute campaign his personal banking.... 3 the hospital.....he is accused - of requuiing officeessto empty & his urinary catheter bag. -& (leopood) "i have enormoos story.....i reelly do." (kathleen cairns) "we have -3& earnee more
Jan 21, 2013 5:30pm EST
cairns is joininn us now o tell us kathleen cairrs ravens... reflecting the with everything decorating your car.... and refleeting the ravens... kathleen caarns is joining us nnw to tell us more about.. 'jerry'.... jerrr is etired from a construction ob... he's also a grandfather... but nothing hassslowed him down when it comes to expressing his love.. ffr the ravens. 3 ii's hard.. not to notice jerry driving by:(kid)"its amazing"(drivinggtruck) "we get a lot of thumbs up" his (driving )"i feel a part of phe team" aad today... he's going to dicks:(jerry)"and everything else is ravenssin his ravens mobile... (phone phott with ggrl:)" craaz.. i love tte ravens.. laugh" &p(jerry)"i usually run 15 to 1 flags"(kid)"one tto three . even inside: a taiigate frenzy: setting""still jerry wants more... (ffet walking into dicks)(guy ddncing whoooo hooooo quick) there's piies of ravens gear... (puts hat on "yyeh that fits pretty ggod")(sales lady quick)"you can just feel the excitment in the air"as the money goes out...(nats)(wwth cashier) " stuuf goes home.(caiins)"while pheres plenty of s
Jan 25, 2013 5:00am EST
on gun violence later today. jenna a poppleton no, kathleen sebelius will also be attending the meeting -- janet napolitano and kathleen sebelius. as a live report from washington at 5:30. and assault weapons ban unveiled on capitol hill. on display were in number of high-powered weapons. republicans are expected to oppose the ban. >> the march for life is taking place in washington, d.c., today. among the scheduled speakers are rick santorum. >> now weather and traffic together on the 1's. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. we have a problem in howard county. watch for possible lane closures. this is 95 traveling southbound from white marsh. 65 eastbound on 70 at 29. things are moving find east and westbound. things are very light at greenspring avenue. no problems to report at all. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> it is a quiet start and it is cold. the wind is calm. 14 degrees. there could be some light snow this afternoon. a high of 26. >> 5:12. 14 degrees at the airport. >> you might want to start planning your super bowl party. that is coming >>
Jan 3, 2013 4:00pm EST
: kathleen! hurry up! i'll give you a lift home! i'm not goin' home-- the night is young! any decent woman would be in bed by now. shut up with that, you crabby old hypocrite! ( girls all laughing ) sean do! all: sean do, oi, oi, oi, sean do, oi, oi, oi... sean do! oi! oi! sean do! oi! oi! sean do! oi! oi! orla: go on, girl! just calm yourself. just put the cone down. no. come on, kathleen, i mean it. don't throw your weight around with me, copper. if i have to arrest you, kathleen, i will. go ahead. make my day. whoo! sean do! oi! oi! sean do! oi! oi! sean do! oi! oi! sean do! oi! oi! ( all laughing and chattering ) all: ♪ why was she born so beautiful ♪ ♪ why was born at all ♪ new day, new life, what? it's great to have them back. some nights when she and kieran were in dublin-- brian. oh, yeah, right. i'll see you later on. well, this is it. niamh and me we need to talk to you... after the wedding. what about? well, we'll talk after the wedding. no, we'll talk now. you're not stayin'. niamh won't go anywhere without talking to you. where exactly is it
Jan 28, 2013 12:00am PST
? get them both to fight? kathleen, you've been quiet. >> i'm just practicing noninterruption. i'm with chuck. i think -- i would not be surprised if hillary does not run. as we all noted she is going to be 69 years old. chris: let's start with that. 69. joe biden is 74. >> yes. i think women have a better sense of priorities in life. than men do. and i think she may want tone joy her life and there's also this. who wants her to run more nanne anyone else? big bill and maybe that's her ultimate revenge. chris: you are unbelievable. meet me go around the table. they're getting older and i am, too. 69, is it too old for a woman? is 74 too old for the other person to run? heeshes the question. the biggest question why, the one you mentioned. will hillary clinton run? >> my gut is always been no. and just -- i just think she ends up -- you know. >> kathleen. >> i think probably not. even though it's going to be a big struggle for her. because i do think she sees this as she is supposed to be the first woman president. and she is logically -- could easily do it, i think. chris: 12 yea
Jan 27, 2013 10:00am PST
. and this is his loving mom, kathleen hilferty, who knew from the beginning that something was terribly wrong with liam. >> i knew something was wrong because of the breathing. he couldn't eat at the same time. he couldn't drink and breathe at the same time. >> reporter: liam is 12. this is his twin brother, joseph, who is about twice as big as liam. from day one, his mother was desperate to find out exactly what was wrong with liam so she could get him treated. >> i wanted at least to have a name to it so i could say i did the best possible thing for my child or i gave him the best possible care. >> reporter: for 12 agonizing years, kathleen was looking for an answer and recently got one from dr. ian krantz at the children's hospital of philadelphia, who had sequenced liam's genome. >> and we not only found an answer in him but we found the same answer in a number of other children, and we have a new diagnosis. we are understanding it, how to treat it better. >> reporter: the discovery of liam's genetic defect underscores how rapidly and how important the science of sequencing the human geno
Jan 22, 2013 5:30am EST
house with everything ravens? ravens?kathleen cairns has a storyyabout a grandpaain howard ounty who's a ravens ásuper faná. p it's hard.. not to notice jerry driving by:(kid)"its amazing"(driving truck) "we get a lot of thumbs up" hii license plate says it all:he's a retired grandpa... (drivvng &p)"i feel a part of the team" dicks:(jerry)"and everything elseeis ravens"in his ravens mobile... ((erry)"i usuallyy punn15 o 16 flags"(kid)"one two threeefour five..(phone liik seeing that truck riving around.. crazy.. i love he ravens.. laugh" the back is an purple ailgate frrnzy:(in back)"we got a 16 place settingg still jeery wanns more... (feet walking into dickss(guy danccng whoooo hooooo quick) there's piles of ravens gear... (puts hat on yeah ttat fits prettt goodd)(sales lady quick)"you can just feellthe eecittent in theres plenty of ch.....morr - sweatshirrs... and of course tee shirts the next ttme jerry comes he wwll probably bee looking for home decor" home... (voice only)"foo my man cave"(feet nats on sttirs) (dancing singing statute)the peason ttcket hhlder has collected hund
Jan 24, 2013 5:30pm EST
in iitensive care fighting the virus. 3 kathleen cairns has the story of this young man's incredible recovery. for this 6 year old boy... the flu... trigggred resppitory failure... he ad a close brush with death.... but is now.. hhme again. p heetucker family is celebrating with a family game night. 6 year olddandrew hhs just come home from georgetoww university hossital after nearly tww weeks in intensive care. his paaentsssay hhs condition went from bad.... to worse... and at one ppint theyy wereenot sure he would ever make it home. (dad) "there was a moment at shadyygrove of course im trying to be sttong but i cant bury a kid.. it was that &pseriius it was just total terror to ee him now.. its a mmracle" six year old andrew is now fully recovered and back at &pschool.. his parents are grateful for all the prayers.. that elped him pull through.. kc fox 45 news att5;30 maryland voters got to decide several high-profile issues last year...from same-sex reeulted in part...from a high-tech petition drive. but assjohn rrdell reportt from annapolis...some
Jan 25, 2013 5:30pm EST
development in the misconduct trial of john dismissed one count aaainst as kathleen cairns reports... defense. all victtry or the 3(((kc as live lead))))oq: orrtopedicc 3 3&5::0)))) oq: five thirty" 3 5:30)))) oq: five thirty" (((kc as live tag (((kc as live tag 5:30)))) oq: ffve thirty" 3 threats ... made online... by... a... city &pstudent .../ uncooered.. leads ... to... anninve/ student... att.. forest park schhol... in.... nortwwst baltimore .../ was. .. tweeting... the threats... aaainst... the school... this week.../ which... were... picked up... by the... cyber crimes unit... oo the ... canadian mounties ...?. school... student... and... his mother, .../ no... charges... filed..../ city... police say... the student ...has been barred ffom school.../ discplinary hearing. .. baltimoreecounty police... are searching for a group... of purse snatchers ../ wiih ggod tasst....// monday.. four men ...walked into... the louis vuitttn store... at... towson town center... / and... stole 14 than... 35-thou
Jan 1, 2013 12:00pm PST
much. you make your decision better than the one they do. >> next speaker, please. >> kathleen dody, maria [speaker not understood], and [speaker not understood]. >> good afternoon. >>> hi, kathleen dooley. i'm here speaking today as a representative from the north beach business association and chinatown cdc. we have written a joint letter that i'd like to read to you today in support of option 4. the chinatown community development center is a proud long-time supporter of the central subway. with the north beach business association, we endorse the concept of an extension to north beach and fisherman's wharf. we support director reiskin's proposal to study extraction of the tunnel boring machine at the pagoda theater with an alternative of behring the tbm under columbus avenue. we also support the mta's efforts to plan for a station at the pagoda theater and additional stations to and from fisherman's wharf. this will create a north-south connection that serves the eastern edge of san francisco, connecting important neighborhoods and communities. the north beach business associati
Jan 10, 2013 9:00pm CST
september of murdering his third wife kathleen savio peterson turned 595 days ago. i like seeing the effects that joe has done to him he looks very old today. seeing him shackled up makes me feel good. >> his fourth wife has been missing since october of 2007 but today peterson's attorney without joe brodsky was trying to get a new attorney for their clients. joe lopez steve greenberg and dave pilot to the new attorney filed a motion saying that brodsky was ineffective as counsel especially when he called kathleen savio's divorce attorney to the stand. behind the scenes there was a major disagreement. they came out into the press conference where they all said we all agreed to do this, this was the right thing to do and here is our strategy. smith's testimony was key to convicting peterson but now on february 19th judge edward promila will hear testimony and decide if peterson will get a new trial. in an ironic twist brodsky, lopez and green bowgreenberg could all be called to testify that his lawyer was incompetent. a degenerative brain disease may have led a former linebacker to take his
Jan 29, 2013 4:30am EST
. >> reporter: ernest joe lewis' coach at kathleen high school remembers the first time he saw lewis firing up the teammates in a spring practice. >> at the practice, i remember asking gary who is the defensive back coach i said who is this kid. >> reporter: a kid who was a big star, at kathleen a kid who bonded with coach joe. sending him an autographed picture when he played for the miami hurricanes. inviting him to his nfl draft party. >> this is where i got a chance to visit in baltimore for some games. >> reporter: and invited him to hang out after nfl games. the two men still talk on the phone often. and share text messages. ernest joe is more like a father to ray lewis than just a former coach. >> when he usually send me a text, he entitled it dad you know. and it makes me feel good. don't just say coach e says thanks pop. >> reporter: after an arm injury might have brought an untimely end to lewis' long career there were more text messages. >> i remember, you know, texting him and saying keep your head up. great things will happen for you. and he shot me a text back saying hey dad ever
FOX News
Jan 12, 2013 11:30am PST
, hillary clinton, kathleen sebelius and-- >> she's giving me a look. >> his record is better than president bush and no better than bill clinton-- >> how about a meritocracy. >> i'd like to have the press to look at who he has appointed and what's happened to them. >> jon: and jim says-- no, i'm sorry, charles krauthammer says the binders full of women came up empty alt the white house. and next up, flak over the bin laden's photos and the film about bin laden's death. >> "zero dark thirty" opens nationwide with questionable torture scenes and concerns over access to cia secrets. does the hollywood production mislead the audience? do the media care? that's next on news watch. as a mom, you spend a lot of time helping others. hamburger helper can help you back. and with box tops for education on every box, it helps you help your school. so you're doing good, just by making dinner. hamburger helper. available at walmart. >> if you're right, the whole world's going to want in on this. never find it. 's o he's one of-- ♪ >> clips from the film "zero dark thirty" which opened nationwide on f
Jan 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
insurance market. kathleen sebelius made the announcement this morning. it was the first to authorize a health insurance exchange after passage of the federal affordable health care act back in 2010. the exchange allows consumers to examine their options and buy affordable high quality insurance. all states are required to have them operating by january of next year. >>> in washington a lot of new faces and a lot of smiles as a new congress was sworn in. but the new congress faces old problems. john boehner was re-elected house speaker despite fracturing in the g.o.p. ranks. there were several firsts as tammy duckworth of illinois was the first disabled woman in congress. when republican tim scott took the oath today he is the only african-american in the senate. there is a distinct female touch. 20 women in the senate, the most ever. and a moving moment as illinois representative mark kirk made his way up the stairs one year after suffering a crippling stroke. >>> one of the 84 new members in the house is eric squallwell. he is the youngest member in the house at 32 years old. he bel
Jan 25, 2013 7:00pm PST
. included hometown security secretary kathleen sabi hreurbgs io surbgs. much of the meeting focused on mental illness reform. it should have requirements that medical records of those dechaired inellible to hold a gun should be transmitted to a data base for background checks. >>> federal appeals court found barack obama's recess were unconstitutional. the senate was technically in session just after the new year in 2012. the white house argues the session was a sham meant to block the appointment and they were out of town for 20 days. >>> the president named his long time advisory as chief of staff. the preside said the 43-year- old played a role in every nation of his press tensey. the out going chief of staff has been nominated for treasure secretary. >>> new research suggests boosting iq of a child. children with fish oil in their diet are enrolled in preschool and have parents that engage in interactive reading are more than likely to have a higher iq. it can help brain development. >> growth of connections among brain cells, and growth of brain cells themselves. >> the study f
Jan 10, 2013 2:00am PST
. kathleen sebelius, arne duncan and a few others. >>> jack lew's signature which looks like a series of loops will be featured on american money, that looks like fun. >>> the french wine lobby in the u.s. is upset about part of the menu at the president's inauguration, because it didn't come from the champagne region of france, they complain the bottles of the inaugural wine should not be called sham pine according to american law. >>> beyonce will sing the national anthem at the ceremony. james taylor will be singing "america the beautiful." >>> walmart which else is the most guns in the u.s., wasn't planning on sending anyone to the meeting at the white house. now a company spokesman said, quote, we underestimated the expectation to attend the meeting on thursday in person so we're sending someone to represent. >>> john kerry joked that his cure for jet lag is listening to one of his speeches. that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." >>> now a look at the weather we turn to dylan dreyer. >>> we're in the middle of a january thaw here. temperatures above average. we have a
Jan 10, 2013 2:30am PST
for now. also remaining on the job secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius. ray lahood the only republican in the cabinet hasn't signaled whether or not he's leaving this administration. >>> hill kri clinton will be stepping down from her post in the coming weeks. we're not going to call it retirement? >> retirement? >> i don't know if that's the word i would use. certainly stepping off the very fast track for a little while. >> the obama administration pushing back after a picture taken in the oval office, this image by the photographer was featured on the front page yesterday of the "new york times." a group of men meeting with president. with top positions at the state, defense and treasury departments all offered recently to males, jay carney was asked about the gender issue. >> janet napolitano is secretary of home land security. this president has appointed, has made two appointments to the supreme court, both of them women and i think his commitment -- >> do you think it's an unfair charge? >> i think the record speaks for itself. >> the white house responded
Jan 1, 2013 5:30pm EST
decision... kathleen caiirss tatyana mcfadden ssas she is speaking out for the orphans. she hopes to rrvvrse the russian govvrnment's deciiion.... for the sake of the children.... who will otherwise... spend their lives... in an orphanagge (ahh,,,,, its like a ppund or mcfadden is a fiercee")tatyana 100 m 400 m and 800 eterr.. " the paraolympii attlete bronze... but.. she wants to win something elle... and ii's not a game. (tatyana--iie angle)"i will never stop &pfighting for those children" with thouuanns oo signatures &pto he russiin embassy in washington dc.... she wants the russian goverrment to rr- oppn the adoptionnprocess to americannfamilies. (tatyyaa)"the children were usee aa pawns stuck in thh miidle between two countries argummnts.. and its really really unfair its going to effect their lives forever (tatyana closee"i was adopted at age sii., i was born with spina bifida so i was very very sick wwhn i was little" (tatyana)"nn familyywanted mm (((mmt: no russsan family no other family))) but an &pamerican woman walked in and going to be my mother."hh w
Jan 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
..../ kathleen caarns ... has... morr... on what happened... at the... '5-50'... 3& 3& brradway is blocked:(womens eyes lookknn up) "we could ee the black smoke"all eyys are on the skyy (shariia madden)"ii & was sitting at tte winddw.. and i saw a big cloud of black smoke coming from up top," firefighters surround the five fifty bbilding.... an office commlee... (nat &ppop-fireffghter slams door)as sharira shares her ppoto: & (sharrra madden- clooer)"everyone was coughing pt was ad"(anne) " it was very difffcult coming down the ssairs."anne, exppains her esccpe from the 10th floor. lot of ppople helping me"" phe's disabled... ad takes refuge in her car. (side shot)"when i came out of the builddng the smoke was veey quite a bit.. "thick..very black and quite a bit.. " ((voice nly)) : (side shot)"the firefighters are still on the rooff(three 3 phe smoke.. " from the eighth buildinn" the iew from mirrnda'' window:(girl closee"but we saw alot of thiik bback smooe so we decided to evacuute..." (((cairns standup)))"as the plarm sounded ppeple evacu
Jan 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
. kathleen cairns... joins us... with... more onn hh fate... of... tte... six year old... chool administrattrs called it "a serious youngster he threetened to shoot a student. they wwnted to have a seeious discussion with the boy and his parents... about what they called... 'problematic &pbehavior'. but rodney ynch ssyy he got in trouble after prettnding his scissors were a gun.he says he was just playing... and it was all fun and gaaes. p:01 rodney lynch "just poonting yoor fingers likk this, and she dii ttee'pow' sound. i just went like that then i got sent to he office again.."and i'm the oneethat gets suspended for nothing." school went too far with the - punishment... and they say they wish adminiisrators had initially handled the situutton differently.kc fox 45 news aa five how are thh roads ooking tonig? tonight?brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. repprt. map greenspring libbrtybat natl pikeshawan map395 3 3 a delay in this years tax returnn. why the last minute deal on the fiscal cliff is to bllae. p blaae it on the
Jan 11, 2013 9:00am EST
..eterson pould spenddup to 60 years behind barr... for the murder of his third wife, kathleen baltimore city police are issuing a warning... to nyone using "craigslist."they say in the past month... several the citt... by someone they - met on the online classifieds s. piie.they say people are agreeing to buy items... but instead of meeting the ellers withhcash... they're robbinn them at gun point..oliceesay the suspects haveebeen taking sold by the peoole who ccme out o meet them. 9:22 so far no one has been of robberies but we reelly want to get the word out to the publlc. before you go to buy or sell someehing juus stop take a deep breath nd juss thiik about some of tte tips were ffering :33 :33police are urging sellers to always meet in a public 3 tailgating alwaas starts early when you areefollowing the purple friday caravan. but ttis timm it's more justifiid hen ever.... instead of waiting until punday, the ravvns are challenging the broncos tomorrow at 4:30. 4:30. joel d. smithhis live in white marsh to see why the fans think this time will be different when it comes tt the r
Jan 16, 2013 11:00pm EST
...//// kathleen... ccarns.... has... more on.... 33 progress... n selecting a jury.. 3 33 from thh start, joon leopold - has maintained hhi innocence: (leopoldd "i think its my -3 responsibblity to the citizenss &pof this county to knoowthere's another ciiizees of this county to responsibillty to the (llopold))"i hhnk itssmy - innocence:maintained his john peopold has maintained his -3 innocence: (leopold) "i ttink &pits my innocence::aintained his john leopold has from he - startt 33 -3 3 from the start, john leepold has maintaineddhis nnocence: ((eooold) "i think its my responsibility o the cittzees of this county to know herr's i want them to heaa ii."he iss & facing misconduct chargee ssrrounding the uss of county policeeofficers for personal & gaan.....he innictment accuses leopold oo orderinn his 3 parking lots hhre he engaged in aasexual rendezvoos wwth a county employee.(9-1-1 tape) "i see some activity going on &pin a car and i don't think its prooer...."whennofficers responded to this incident at 3 wws alone in the car and no
Jan 22, 2013 5:30pm EST
the county executive for sexual meetings with his t - mistress. as kathleen cairns reports...that wassjust oneeof the allegations that came out during leopold's misconduct trial in annapolis... . 3 (cairnss cpl. howard brrwn teetified for hours.,. he told the judge about his job workingg ecuuity detail for john llopold and said it innolved sex lies and politics. (church bells quick) there are plenty of people poing in and out of the courthouse.. snap hoto weeding quick)but anne arundel county executive john leopold is avoiding the media. hes on trial for misconduct. tuesday another offiicr assigged to leopold's security detail testified saying he ssgns... do background checks -3 on political opponents and &peven empty urine rom leopold's cathader bag. the &pcoofee containerrthe urine wa evidence. "the only thing i as- can say bouu the cathader.. to help patient innneed"karra hamnee has a sexual harassment civil suit pending agaanst peopold.""es i do and i think thh testtmony upports that.... people do not say no to leopold"two of leopolds security detail officers have to hel
Jan 23, 2013 5:30pm EST
ampaiin. 3&(kathleen as live lead) xxxx -pkg nsert-outside the courthouse in annapolis"i courthouse in outside the -pkg insert-outside he courthouse annapoliscourthouse in outside the courthouse ii aanapolis"i guess your ggad thats over... pes heading back to work court aftee testifying for seeeral hours bout his job as chhef of staff to county robey and cpp mark allee described tasks leopoll told thee to do...which they did not consider part of their duties. he ttial invvlves ddawing a crowd. "its better &pthen the mmviis yoo dont ave to pay to get in" this man wonttgive us his name but is quick to share hii opiniin about what is going on in courtroom four c. "" think hes a sllme ball but i dont know if hes a criiinal thaas up to judgeesweeney toodetermine that"in court cpl ark waaker describes how leopold ordered also ordered him to drivv to an annapolis owwing alley wherr leopold would meet with his girlfriend in er car. leepold described the encounttr as.... great sex. "get a room john!"(kc as liie &ptag 5;30 oq) the... lacrosse player ... convicted of killing... ta
Dec 31, 2012 9:00pm CST
guilty for the murder of his third wife kathleen savio. it was in all trials, chicago finally carried out an event that had hovered over this city for some time. that was nato in may thousands of demonstrators walked through the streets of the city for hours per day. elastic clash with police with of the world watching. dozens of arrests, traffic headaches and worldwide... but in the end chicago came out on top. if you think it's easier to ask people to do with they did it's not. once nato was over the city had to gear up for crowds that looked just as powerful chicago teachers union led a massive strike that kept unions out of school for seven days. the strike finally came to an end. but one student went back to class 4 chicagos growing crime issue, 55 murders the story made national headlines. you have a role in community policing, you are not a snitch. it became a year heavy in politics. congressman jesse jackson jr. resigned from his seat after being a no show for months treated for bipolar disorder all the while investigators looked into his use of campaign funds despite all that
Jan 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
seguridad nacional, janet napolitano, la secretaria de salud, kathleen sebelius, y el senador por virginia tim kaine... biden enfoco sus platicas en las metas de la casa blanca para reducir la violencia con las armas de fuego.... desafiando las bajas temperaturas en la capital, cientos de miles de activistas por la vida realizaron la marcha anual para marcar el aniversario de la decision de la corte suprema que hace 4 decadas legalizo el aborto en estados unidos. en el cuadragesimo ano desde que el maximo tribunal del pais legalizara el aborto en el caso conocido como "roe vs. wade", se ha privado a millones de bebes el derecho a la vida, dicen los participantes de la masiva marcha. la cadena de comida rapida subway se ha disculpado porque sus sandwiches footlong no cumplieron las expectativas de algunos consumidores... subway enfrento las criticas generalizadas porque una persona difundio en internet una fotografia en la que aparece un sandwiches footlong de un pie o 30 centimetros al lado de una cinta metrica, la cual indica le faltan 2,54 centimetros para cumplir con el nombre... la emp
Jan 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
. >> kathleen writes absolutely not he did these lesbians, her words, a favour and expect he didn't expect a life sentence from it. we want to hear what you have to say. >>> tonight top of the newscast we reported experts say, a few extra pounds could be better for you in the long run. good news in a country gaining weight and getting more worried about it for decades. derek says he is not quite ready to celebrate why? >> i remember back when my dad would periodically ban various foods from our house when some new study, came out suggesting they were bad. for example, don't eat butter, use margarine. eggs are bad for cholesterol, fatoils are far worse than sugar. all of this was conventional medical wisdom at one time or another and then it wasn't. heck my dad used to drink the water mom cooked our canned peas in because he read somewhere that is where most of the nutrients were. pops was prepared to go to an extreme for his health but you can't blame him forgetting confused. remember mega doses of vitamin e. antioxidants were all the rage until it was found they were more likely to kill y
Jan 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
attorney general eric holder, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, and one other member plan to statement. >>> coming up, details on a property tax hike that's about the hit one of the area's most congested corridor. and a machete wielding mama catches a crook red handed. >>> still to come, changing the face of one of the most popular board games in the country. top. >> a cold front pushing through today but another day above average, and every day we get above average we're in good shape. 50 was the high official at national, 34 was the low. another night above freezing. .01 of an inch fell today. we're really behind, though, in rainfall. we'll come back and talk about if this cold front is going to cool us off. >>> but first, a ferry misses the mark and crashes into its pier. we'll have the latest on injuries coming up next. >>> we're back now with a reminder that you can have the latest news and weather at the touch of your ipad. >>> 11 people were seriously injured when a ferry crashed into a pier in new york city this morning. about 330 people were on board the seas
Jan 10, 2013 4:00am EST
and is expected to run for board on the county supervisors. eric holder, kathleen sebelius and eric shinseki are staying on. >>> this year's flu outbreak is wiegd. it declared a public health emergency. free vaccinations are now being offered. ines ferre reports. >> reporter: the flu hasn't been this bad in boston for years, more than 700 cases have been confirmed so far and statewide 18 people have died. city health officials are preparing for it to get worse. >> in the last two weeks alone we doubled our number. if we continue this rate to see new cases, we'll have an explosion of flu in the city of boston. we really need to get ahead of this at this point in time. >> reporter: but it's not just massachusetts. cbs confirms the 48 states. >> we're seeing patient volumes and acuity levels greater than the peak of the h1n1 epidemic we had a few years ago. >> reporter: while this flu season has been a moderate to severe one so far, it's still within what they consider to be a normal range but there are still months go before it's over. this year's flu vaccine is considered to be a good match t
Jan 2, 2013 11:00pm PST
they even did. so there is no fear coming from this woman. again, she accepted, as kathleen parker pointed out, from the beginning she accepted accountability. it is really strange, fox news can dish it out, they sure can't admit when they're wrong. >> that is the other idea of her testimony, she began saying i'm responsible, that is how she began it. now what do you want to catch her on? >> of course, john bolton, also said about the benghazi flu. >> fiscal cliff hangover, let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm michael smerconish in for chris matthews. leading off tonight, did anyone really win in the fiscal cliff standoff? on one hand it marks the end of the reagan revolution. after all republicans voted to raise taxes for the first time in decades. on the other hand, the deal could be seen as a big victory for george w. bush whose signature tax cuts are now permanent for the vast majority of americans. the winners and losers at the top of the show tonight. and what about progressives? some are upset with the deal they say president obama gave too much away. that he should have use
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